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The “NEW” QX Series Cordless Precision Screwdriver

Up to 8 user programmed configurations allows one assembly tool to do the job of many! At a price you can afford today, the QX Series Cordless Precision Screwdriver will quickly become the most valuable tool on your assembly line.



  • Transducerized Control - provides precision and traceability
  • Multi-function display and keypad offer quick setup and visual feedback
  • Program your tool using the keypad, USB port, or wirelessly with the ICS Software
  • Onboard control boards eliminates need and cost of external controller
  • Optional wireless communication delivers process control and data archiving


  • Adjustable speeds up to 1500 RPM
  • 8 user-programmable configurations allow one tool to do the job of many
  • Advanced strategies, including prevailing torque and torque and angle control
  • High durability DC Brushless Motor designed for production assembly applications
  • 20 Volt Lithium-Ion batteries delivers high charge capacity and maximum runtime
  • Cycle Status Indicators - bright LED lights for immediate visual feedback


  • Comfortable, lightweight and balanced
  • Super bright LED Headlight with programmable on and off times

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