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ProXP Series Electrostatic Paint Spray Gun

Graco XP Series Electrostatic Spray Guns are more compact than any existing models.The lenght is shorter 2,5 cm and the weight is 110 gr. Less compared to the previous models This gives a maximum manuverability and control to the Operator Internal power supply without an extra weight also gives an advantage to the Operator compared to the other makes having extra voltage cable weight due to the external power supply. These are important factors to increase productivity. On the other hand new developed high wear resistant material made parts provides longer life for abrasive and metallic paints.

Another innovation is the "Booster" technology applied to the new series for model having 40 kV .High transferr efficiency which can be supplied with a high voltage gun only , now thanks to "Booster",. can be achieved with a lover voltage like 40 volts with Graco Booster technology.this means more transfer efficiency and surface quality with less power .User friendly smaller gun size is an additional advantage for the operator.


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