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GRACO PD2K Proportioning and Mixing Unit

 Paint and solvent reduction up to 80%

• Reduced VOC emissions
• Mix close to the gun
• Flush only dose pump and short mix line
• Very fast colour changes
• The more colour changes, the faster the ROI
• Consistent spray performance
• Environment friendly due to less material use
• Can operate at very low flow rates
• System detects leaks

Low maintenance cost

• System sends alerts when maintenance is needed
• Electric dosing pump
• No flow meter
• No pressure regulator on mix line needed

Suitable for short pot life materials

• Very fast colour changes
• Short mix line
• Flow control without flow meters
• Pressure regulation without presure regulators

Manual and automatic application

• Mix close to the gun
• Easy integration in automatic lines
• Lower flow rates possible to conventional 2K systems
• 1K applications: possible to run up to 4 dose pumps with 1 system


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