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EP Series Electrical Hose Pump

On the other hand electric driven centrifugal pumps might be used to meet the application requirements are also having problems due to their mechanical seals and high operating cost and also do not always meet the requirements with chemicals having high viscosity .
Graco EP Hose Pumps having bi-directional operating capability , high suction capacity and also an efficient electrical usage regime are now preferred for most of the application instead of both diaphragm pumps and centrifugal pumps.
Transferred chemical is in contact with the Hose and fittings only. Wide range of alternative Hose material to comply with the chemical to be transferred and also SST316 or Hastelloy-C fittings are available based on application. EP Pumps are capable to give an accurate result up to 2% for dosing application.

    Application Area

  • Residential / industrial clean and waste water treatment
  • Dosing corrosive and abrasive chemicals
  • Transferring abrasive slurries used ceramic production
  •  Transferring corrosive acids and bases used in metal plating
  • Pumping corrosive, abrasive or “hard to pump” materials for various Manufacturing applications
  • Transferring abrasive or sensitive materials for Food and beverage applications
  • Pumping viscous or “hard to pump” materials for Cosmetic applications
  •  Evacuating abrasive stems and skins (must) after the Wine making process
  •  Metering corrosive chemicals for water treatment, cleaning and sanitation


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