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Company Profile

Founded in 1986 Genmar assists industrial end users by enhancing their productivity, effiviency and operations via products services & turnkey solutions in fluid handling, assembly tools & workplaces, materials handling and stud welding areas. Genmar’s success is based on its commitment, experienced staff, unparalled quality of customer service and innovative engineering solutions. Genmar services a diverse range of industries such as Motor Vehicle and Components, White Goods, Electronics; Machinery, Foundries, Petrochemical, Oil Refining and Energy sectors.  

Genmar Difference

• Company executives are visionary, experienced and have strong academic backgrounds.
• Employees are our most valuable resources, and their quality of service and product quality is the greatest assurance.
• Embracing the idea that high quality service is as important as high quality product.
• Believing that service support after the sale is as important as service support during the sale.
• Has earned respect and trust from leading companies of the world.
• Defines customer needs well and provides appropriate solution at highest quality and at most acceptable cost.
• Not just sales product but takes the customer demands very seriously and follows the state of the art technologies and innovations applies them to the solutions.
• Capability to offer customers solutions to meet the needs of all its customers without discrimination. Not to be customer selective but to focus all customer demands and to bring them best solution.
• The purpose of the establishing company is to contribute to the development of industry in our country and to provide right product and service at highest quality.


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